March 8, 20101 Comment

End of the Semester…….Woohooooo!

It's the end of the semester and it's the end of of my professional life as a teacher- for now at least. Some final thoughts on what its like to be a teacher in Thailand. Included are the traditional class photographs I take at the end of the semester and a view of where I worked!

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September 20, 20096 Comments

Last Day of Classes

The first semester is suddenly over and the last day of classes left me with some interesting gifts. There is no doubt that I am going to miss my students. That is with the exception of all the cell phone talking, bathroom breaks, and lateness. There always room for improvement next semester.

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September 1, 20092 Comments

Its Just (Monkey) Business

While little has happened here lately, I took a small venture a couple hours north of Bangkok. The quick day trip provided me with enough monkey pictures to fill all of your monkey picture desires, and then some (depending on your love of monkeys). The multitude of Wikipedia links might make your brain explode, so be careful!

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August 10, 2009No Comments

Chiang Mai & The Mysterious Microbial Man Eater

Chiang Mai is considered the capital of northern Thailand. Train rides, motorbikes, night bazaars, and salmonella are all part of this adventure. A large amount of photographs are also included in this post. Woohoo!

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July 30, 2009No Comments

Olay, olay olay olay, olay olay.

A clash between titans. A showdown of epic proportions. A match that your children and your children's children will be talking about. Thailand vs. Liverpool. I, I dare you to read on. (Notice: this blog reserves all rights to exaggeration and manipulation of actual truths.)

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June 17, 2009No Comments

Chutuchak Market: 13 Acres of Cheap Goods

One the biggest markets in Bangkok. You can find anything you want here, from a hip new t-shirt to a new pet snake. Just make sure you don't get taken for a fool, or you will look like a fool.

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June 15, 2009No Comments

Boba Fett was from Kho Samet

Last weekend I took a ride to the coast and hung out on the beach for two days. Rumor has it that it used to be a big pirate island and there is still some buried booty located somewhere on it. I had other priorities: taking in some lovely equatorial sunshine.

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June 9, 20093 Comments

Good try Teechaa

In an ongoing battle to come out as the tough guy, my students are most certainly undermining me by taking advantage of the fact I can't understand what the hell they are saying to each other. What did I ever get myself into.

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