December 15, 20091 Comment

Act III: Saigon

Act III covers the last leg of Vietnam before heading to Cambodia. But first we checked out the fabled (and feared) Cu Chi Tunnels. Much like Hanoi, motorbikes were everywhere. The stop lights actually worked there however. Bonus: Pool party at the Cambodian embassy!

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June 17, 2009No Comments

Chutuchak Market: 13 Acres of Cheap Goods

One the biggest markets in Bangkok. You can find anything you want here, from a hip new t-shirt to a new pet snake. Just make sure you don't get taken for a fool, or you will look like a fool.

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June 15, 2009No Comments

Boba Fett was from Kho Samet

Last weekend I took a ride to the coast and hung out on the beach for two days. Rumor has it that it used to be a big pirate island and there is still some buried booty located somewhere on it. I had other priorities: taking in some lovely equatorial sunshine.

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