July 14, 20085 Comments

and Back Again

Recap of the final days I spent in New Zealand. Along with an awesome original song and slideshow!

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June 26, 20083 Comments

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Timm and I having a jam awhile back.

So I sold my guitar today at a pawn shop. Bringing it back to the U.S. just wasn't going to happen. Marie (what I named my guitar) will be sorely missed and provided me with endless hours of joy. I bought her for $135, and got $60 back. Not too bad, I wasn't really expecting anything more than that. The end is coming near and I'll be home to warm weather. Yay!

June 22, 2008No Comments

One Week

It's certainly weird to know that I'm only going to be living in New Zealand for one more week. Maybe I've become so accommodated to living here that I haven't realized in less than 7 days I'm going to have to pack everything up into to big bags and head home. Unfortunatly, I also have a few more exams standing in my way.

I'd of course be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad. This place is rockem-sockem hoppin, and in all reality, it might be a good while before I get back. Plus there will be lots of sweet friends I made to that I won't see for a little bit.

I am pretty excited to get home to warm weather, family, and more than just pasta and grilled cheese for dinner each night, though.

Soooo....with that said. Stay tuned for a few more posts before this adventure is over.

Keep it real home skillets.