November 21, 20093 Comments

Act II: Halong Bay

After a rather extended intermission here is the long awaited Act II of my three weeks journey through Vietnam and Cambodia. When we last left this adventure I was returning from a trip in northern Vietnam. Now I'm headed to the coastal region of Halong Bay.

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September 7, 20091 Comment

Assignment Series: Astrochimp

You may think this is repetitive, another post about monkeys and all, but I assure you this is none like the last. Ham the Chimp was the first primate to ever go into space and needless to say became pretty famous for it. My students will fill you in on the rest.

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September 1, 20092 Comments

Its Just (Monkey) Business

While little has happened here lately, I took a small venture a couple hours north of Bangkok. The quick day trip provided me with enough monkey pictures to fill all of your monkey picture desires, and then some (depending on your love of monkeys). The multitude of Wikipedia links might make your brain explode, so be careful!

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