April 7, 20112 Comments


I have thousands upon thousands of photographs on my hardrives. Well more like around 10,000 if you want to be exact. And all most of them ever do is sit on my hardrive. I though I'd share some with you. I'm horrible at updating my blog, so I think the least I could do is post some new photos once a week that you haven't seen yet. Read more

February 8, 20105 Comments


No too much of a post, but there are plenty of photographs to looks at! The serene and beautiful country of Laos. A festival in downtown Bangkok. And the rundown, sketchiest, and most fun Amusement/Water Park in Thailand! Be sure to read through the captions to get the full story.

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August 10, 2009No Comments

Chiang Mai & The Mysterious Microbial Man Eater

Chiang Mai is considered the capital of northern Thailand. Train rides, motorbikes, night bazaars, and salmonella are all part of this adventure. A large amount of photographs are also included in this post. Woohoo!

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