July 11, 20102 Comments

I’m Back (sort of) with A Few Updates

It's been a long time. Sorry. BUT here's a quick update of everything going on right now. If you didn't know, I'm back in the USA, but there are some great photos here from my last bit of time in Southeast Asia.

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January 2, 2010No Comments

Act IV: Cambodia (Oh, and Happy New Year!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's my gift to you: a new post! Yayyyyy, it's exactly what you wanted right!? Oh and a souvenir from Asia too? Let's not get greedy. Here's the last leg of the trip through Cambodia.

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June 15, 2009No Comments

Boba Fett was from Kho Samet

Last weekend I took a ride to the coast and hung out on the beach for two days. Rumor has it that it used to be a big pirate island and there is still some buried booty located somewhere on it. I had other priorities: taking in some lovely equatorial sunshine.

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