February 8, 20105 Comments


No too much of a post, but there are plenty of photographs to looks at! The serene and beautiful country of Laos. A festival in downtown Bangkok. And the rundown, sketchiest, and most fun Amusement/Water Park in Thailand! Be sure to read through the captions to get the full story.

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June 17, 2009No Comments

Chutuchak Market: 13 Acres of Cheap Goods

One the biggest markets in Bangkok. You can find anything you want here, from a hip new t-shirt to a new pet snake. Just make sure you don't get taken for a fool, or you will look like a fool.

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June 9, 20093 Comments

Good try Teechaa

In an ongoing battle to come out as the tough guy, my students are most certainly undermining me by taking advantage of the fact I can't understand what the hell they are saying to each other. What did I ever get myself into.

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May 31, 20091 Comment

First Impressions

If immigration knew any better than they wouldn't have let me in this country. Needless to say I made it and am finally getting situated. Here are a few first impressions.

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