this side up

When I was a kid, I'd sit on the couch backward and dangle my head off of it upside down, transforming the room into a completely new and foreign space. Magically as if magnets were put in shoes, or a switch on gravity was flipped, everyone was walking on the ceiling. I like to think this was what some 25 years later led me to this project.

'This Side Up' is an ongoing project of mine that is a collection of images taken with my medium format film camera and then digitaly overlayed on top of each other. The images are meant to explore the juxtaposition of two worlds forced to become one. Once the worlds are merged their individual reality is stripped away to leave you questioning. Is this right side up, or upside down?

The end goal is to continue creating more images until they can be compiled into a book that can be read frontwards or backwards. But it might take awhile.... this first set of images are made from film negatives I shot over the past 7 years or so.

They were also sold at a silent auction and raised $575 for the Da Vinci design schools which help young students be exposed to the possibility of a creative careers in art, science, and math. You can learn about them here.