The Lowes Gardensmart System

Making Gardening Easy For An Impatient Generation

Home gardening has generally been passed down from generation to generation- but not so much any more. Young professionals who lead busy work and social lives don’t want to spend the time to learn it. There is too much trial and error. It needs to be easier.

GardenSmart is a universal gardening and retail system for Lowes that makes home gardening more accesible to young professional whose time is limited and knowledge of gardening minimal. From the retail shopping experience to blooming, GardenSmart is designed to take the confusion out of gardening by integrating new technologies and a universal labeling system across all garden products. It’s designed to “just work.”

No More ConfusionStandard Labeling Across All Garden Brands

Remotely Monitor Your Garden's Health

Integrated GardenSmart Application

Team: Zack Madrigal (AD), Chris Brumleve (CS), Elizabeth Maksim (CBM)