Dropbox basically created cloud file syncing. But Google, Amazon, and Apple like money too, so they made thier own cloud syncing systems. Dropbox needed to remind people why they exist: to give people the Creative Freedom to work on anything, anywhere, with anyone. So we created a film that brought together over 100 artists to create a film, all collaborating through Dropbox.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Production

Awards: One Show Merit


In key markets we created bespoke billboards that highlighted the creative process of that industry in a fun and realistic way. We designed them in way that featured iconography from some of the familiar and newer features of the product. We place a journalism themed board across from the New York Times, designer themed boards in the NY fashion disctrict, and startup themed boards around San Francisco.


Coors LightBrand Campaign

DropboxFilm & Outdoor

This Side UpPersonal

Instagram StoriesProduct Film

TargetRetail Partnership

LA28 Olympic BidWebsite Design

SquareBrand Campaign

The Google Search AppBrand Campaign