This is Me

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I want to make awesome experiences through a combination of design, strategy, and technology. I’m a hybrid creative who specializes in experience and interactive design, but plays in product innovation, strategy, film, and art as well. I can look at new and developing technologies and see how they can be used creatively.

But here’s a little more about myself:

I like making stuff.

I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters in upstate Corning, NY. The place where your mom’s Corningware was made.

We took our 10-seat 1984 GMC van when I went on family vacations growing up. Not sure how they thought it was good idea to strap in 8-kids and drive for 6-weeks across the US.

I was a teacher in Bangkok, Thailand for a year. It’s true, someone let me teach other human beings.

Before that, I studied in New Zealand during my junior year of college.

And after some time living in my parents’ basement and writing new music , I ended up studying Creative Technology and got a Masters degree at the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA.

I also blog, play video games, collect old cameras, putz with arduino, and try to build things that move, light-up, and/or make noises (The Retrofitted Workshop). I currently live in Venice, CA and work at 72andSunny.